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English - Spanish - Russian or... KLINGON !

Illinois State Government Agency Website Speaks Klingon
The government website added the fictitious language to its regular list of translations - Spanish, Mandarin, French, German, Polish -- and now for the truly illegal alien applying for unemployment insurance (after you have lost your job - fired or downsized).

Do you speak Klingon? The Illinois Department of Employment Security’s websitе does.

The update was part of an automatic language update launched last year to give more people online access to unemployment insurance applications. As of January the IDES has been asked to translate information into more than 60 languages. One of them was the Star Trek universe's Klingon. On their homepage you can click on the translator button and choose Klingon.
The Illinois Department of Employment Security said it didn't cost the state anything and the language was added as part of the update system.

Illinois wasn't the only one. Search-system Bing added Klingon to its translator.

UPD: По просьбе моих испаноязычных френдов, делаю очень короткий перевод этого текста.

Вебсайт Агенства по Занятости штата Иллиной добавил в свою программу автоматический перевод с английского на еще один язык. Всего в автоматическом переводе более 60 языков.

Новым языком в системе оказался... KLINGON-  придуманый язык, на котором общались герои фильма Star Trek........
Короче, приехали!..


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