go_rogue (go_rogue) wrote,

Toss! Room by room.

-mascara ater 3 m.
-liquid eyeliner afer 6 m.
-eye shadow and blushes after 8 m.
-lipstick after 2 years
-shampoo, conditioner, lotion- look for expiration symbol near the bar code- it`ll be a drawing of a little cotainer with a number inside, like 6, 8, 12- number of months you can use it after the open the bottle. No expiration code? Toss it after 18 month.

- all canned, jarred, boxed goods (incl. spices, pasta, baking soda, cake mixes) toss after their exp. date. No date? Toss them after 2 years
- opened bottles of oil go rancid by 6 months.

Home office
- tax returns (7 y.)
- pay stubs (1 y., until you get your W-2)
- home impruvement documents (until you sell),most recent retirement and investment plan statements (until you get your year-end statement)
- car records (lke the title and maintenance records)
- receipts for majore purchases (until you still own them)
- ATM receipts (until you check them with you bank statement)
- billls

Tags: Моя Америка, Полезности

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