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Smart Pet Solutions

1. Help cats stay hydrated.
As the weather cools down, cats tend to drink less, which can result inthe formation of bladder stones. To keep them from getting "blocked up" and pissing all over the house, encourage them to drink by making water more appealing. Two easy tricks:(1) freeze the excess water from a can of tuna and slipa tuna ice cube into a water bowl; (2) Crush some catnip over the top of the water.

2. Keep pets from chewing electrical cords.
(1) wet a cloth with mouthwash and rub on unplugged cords; dogs hate minty taste. Cats hate citrus scent- rub it with orange or lemon-oil wood polish; (2) wrap cords with foil.

3. Ease mouth sores.
Check mouth for redness or sores. The antibacterial, anti- inflammatory rinse made with goldenseal root tea bags will help. Simply steem 1 tea bag in 2 cups of hot water; let it cool and strain. Store in an airtight container in the fridge and use a syringe to squirt it onto pet's gums twice daily. See a vet if the sore remains after 10 days.

4. Flea-proof cat's bedding.
Combine 1/4 cup of dried mint leaves, 2 Tbs. of dill seeds and a pinch of ground rosemary in a sock, tie and securely close, and place in cat's bed. The scent won't bother cat, but will keep away flees, ants and other pests.

5. Stop dog's car sickness.
Offer him crystallized ginger (from grocery and health-food stores) an hour before you hit the road. The dose:
- 1/2" slice for pups under 25 pounds
- 1" slice for dogs 26-50 ponds
- 1 1/4" slice for dogs over 50 pounds
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